Blue Service £40

If your bike is in ok shape but feeling a bit out of sorts, or you require a safety check along with a gear/brake tune up, this is for you.

  • Full safety inspection - Wheels/Frame/headset/Bottom bracket checked for damage or play

  • Brakes, shifting and hanger/derailleur alignment checked (Brake bleeding not included)

  • Drivetrain indexing and alignment

  • All bolts checked on bars, stem, seatpost, saddle

  • Tire inflation checked

Red Service £60

If your bike has more regular use, and does the miles and is in need of a refresh, this is for you.

  • All services in the Blue Tune

  • Wheels checked for alignment, and trued if possible.

  • Headset stripped cleaned and reassembled

  • Bottom bracket stripped cleaned and reassembled

  • Cleaning and lubrication of drivetrain


Black Service £105

If your bike is a faithful companion that works hard and is needing an annual treat, this service has all components removed cleaned, checked and reinstalled, and a fresh set of brake and gear cables and outers fitted.

  • All services in the Red Tune

  • Thorough disassembly, cleaning and re-greasing of all components

  • New brake and gear cables and outers fitted

*No parts included on services other than Cables and outers on the black service.

Other services

Brakes – Tune/set up - £10 per end

Brake Bleed - £17 per end

Brake pads change - £7 per calliper

Brake cable change - £12

Wheel true - £15

Hub service - £20 strip (Additional cost for new bearings)

Tyre/tube fitted - £9 (hub drive ebikes will be £13)

Drive train Gear tune up - £10 per mech

Gear cable change - £12  

Cassette replacement - £12

Hanger replacement - £10

Chain replacement - £10

Bottom Bracket replacement- £15

Bar tape fit - £7

Mud guard fit - £12

Tubeless set up per pair (inc fluid and tape) £45

Frame and fork services

Head set replacement - £20

Fork fitment or replacement – £25

Suspension work please call for info and to discuss requirements.

(prices given are for fitting parts supplied by us, parts supplied by customers will be subject to different labour rates)

Booking in for work, please call to chat about what you need and we will try to get you booked in as quick as possible to get you back out and on the road or trail!


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