Coming from a predominantly mountainbike background, starting with my first race back in 1990, I have been lucky enough to see cycling evolve and grow and be part of it. Moving on from racing Downhill I have found interest in many disciplines of cycling, from cross country, to enduro, to road, timetrial, cyclo cross, and even random events such as the mega avalanche. 

Through all the different variants of cycling, I have found one thing, a passion and dedication that people have that is found in no other sport. With this I have taken the bold step to open a cycle shop in a very competitive market place with the intention of evolving and growing into a place that is more than just that.

Sales, servicing, Roubaix on the TV, a chat, or just some impartial advice, a place born through cycling.

About us

To provide a service second to none.

To service and maintain customers pride and joy as though it were our own.

To grow and be able to provide a greater range of services, greater range of products, and greater customer satisfaction.

To seek to adapt to the needs of the local cycling community which is growing and evolving.

A company owned, funded and run solely by myself. With the intention of growing to the point where I am busy enough to be able to employ another pair of hands when the time comes, providing an opportunity for someone to work in cycling who has the passion to do so.
As mentioned previously, I have been heavily into cycling for 25 years, whether it be racing a Downhill race abroad, doing a club run, chaingang, Crit at marsh tracks, helping with the Great Orme road race, it is a passion that I have that cannot be dismissed.
I would like to offer enough to allow growth of the company, the more we are used, the bigger we shall grow, and the bigger we grow, the more we can offer!! As said many a time, online can sometimes get you what you want, but they cannot fix your bike at 5pm on a Friday afternoon before a race, sportive or ride, but we can.

Company Profile

Our Vision

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